You are still at school or studying, but already taking part in music competitions?

Get that extra dose of chamber music experience and play together with young professionals under the direction of well-known composers!

We are supporting young talents who plan to place music at the centre of their future lives.

We aim to give young musicians access to innovative and interdisciplinary projects. Our focus is on chamber music under the direction of contemporary composers, so that the projects are illuminated by an authentic artistic perspective.

For the young musicians, these are unique, creative processes. A sense of innovation, creation, musical teamwork and interdisciplinary work is encouraged. At the final event, the audience will experience how musical boundaries and cultures are crossed in an intelligent, humorous, but also deep and nuanced experimental musical dialogue, how different musical genres can converge and ultimately find each other.

Participants receive personalised input from experienced and renowned musicians regarding their own technique and suggestions to enhance original interpretations of musical compositions. As a group the focus is on listening and communication skills on stage, as well as the ability to give interpretations an emotional content.

The workshops are aimed at winners of the finals of the Swiss Youth Music Competition as well as students from music academies throughout Europe. These projects are organised with the support of different foundations.